charlotte watson sherman

One Dark Body

Can a motherless girl and fatherless boy find healing?

Raisin 1963

This a funny place. Maybe cause of the mountain standing up behind our

town watching like a big old eye. Or maybe it's that lake stretching way

out, reaching black to black, pushing its way cross the earth like it's in

a hurry to run away from here. Or maybe it's that twisted-trunk,

yellow-leaf tree next to Blue-the-wanga-man's house, with the leaves that

shine like gold lamps through the trees, day or night.

But some folks say no, it's not that mountain sitting back watching over

us, and it's not that black lake reaching, and it's not that old white-

trunked, yellow-tipped tree next to Blue's that Reverend Daniles swears

covers a hole leading from this world to the next. The thing that makes

Pearl a funny kind of place is all that whispering we hear coming up from

the ground.